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Jackson Jewelers is the premier jeweler in the mid-Willamette Valley.   Our desire is to create a shopping experience that is based on care, truth, and professionalism above all.  We are one of the Northwest’s premier retailers, with an unparalleled selection of luxury jewelry & timepieces.  Let one of our Rolex trained watch specialists answer every question, in clarifying your purchase of the finest built watch in the world.

Jackson Jewelers Rolex History

A History of Excellence

Jackson Jewelers was found on a promise by Mr. Holly Jackson, “We strive to go above & beyond to create the best shopping experience for every client.” This promise still rings true through his legacy of sons & grandsons still in management at Jackson Jewelers.  When Mr. Jackson opened the doors after his military service ended in 1944, the store began mostly as a pocket watch service center.  As a watchmaker himself, the love for precision timepieces & instruments was strong.  He extended out over the years to include jewelry as his clientele grew.   With a central location in Salem’s historic downtown, the capital city of Oregon, there was never a shortage of clients looking for that unique experience, and the opportunity to purchase premium quality jewelry that the Jackson family represents.  ​​​​​​​

Exceptional Customer Service

In 1982, Holly Jackson’s two sons, Phil & Ralph Jackson continued the legacy of premium jewelry & timepieces, by introducing Rolex watches to the mid-Willamette Valley.  Rolex’s commitment to precision and innovation throughout the century had gained their timepieces the admiration of presidents, dignitaries, pioneers, artists, athletes, visionaries & tastemakers the world over.  Like the legendary explorers Lewis and Clark, who discovered Oregon, nearly 200 years earlier, Jackson Jewelers knew the entire northwest deserved the honor to own a Rolex.

Rolex at Jackson Jewelers
Rolex and Jackson Jewelers Warranty and Service

The Rolex Warranty & Service Inquiries

As a premier pocket and wrist-watch service location since opening in 1944, the sales & service relationship between Rolex and Jackson Jewelers was effortless.  To this day, all new Rolex watches carry one of the strongest warranties in the industry at 5 years.  That is true confidence in a superior product, where traditional service intervals are 3-5 years.

After the warranty has expired, Jackson Jeweler’s service department and our certified Rolex watchmaker can perform nearly every Rolex service need.  From bracelet adjustments, to case and bracelet polish & refinishing, even a full movement servicing can be done onsite in our top-level facility.   Please contact one of our Rolex watch specialists to discuss your watch needs.

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"My father’s vision, to go above & beyond to create the best shopping experience for every client, synced perfectly with Rolex’s attention to detail. It has always been a harmonious union for luxury in Salem."
- Ralph Jackson, Owner, Jackson Jewelers